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Allergies and anti-allergy 3

Allergies and anti-allergy

Allergies and anti-allergy. I explain how antiallergics work.

Allergies and anti-allergy 3
Allergies and anti-allergy 3

Allergies and antiallergics. An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system overreacts to a foreign substance, known as an allergen. In other words, this can include things, for example: dust, pollen, pets, food, medicines, among others.

Antihistamines are medicines that block the effects of histamines, a chemical released by the body during an allergic reaction.

These drugs block receptors known as histaminergic. Above all, the main ones are type 1 and 2, which mediate the allergic response.

When they are blocked, the effect of the allergy is reduced at the moment they are absorbed, however, the final solution is to determine the allergen and avoid contact so as not to suffer from this disorder.

Antihistamines can have side effects such as: drowsiness, seasickness, dryness in the mouth, and difficulty urinating.

Woman allergic crisis Image by HANSUAN FABREGAS
Woman allergic crisis Image by HANSUAN FABREGAS

Questions and answers about allergies and antiallergics.

It is understandable not to know everything about antialergics and allergies. This is because there are many types of allergies. As a result, in each person, allergy can be present in many ways.

Allergies are often inherited, others are a product of the environment, food, substances and animals. Likewise, they can be generated by stress.

We have noted down the most common questions and the answers given by experts in the field. In conclusion, we hope that your question is among the selected ones. If not, you can leave it in the comments.

What would be the long-term effects of taking too many antiallergics?

Answer: That they stop taking effect.

I am allergic to dust, cold, mites, the hair of some animals, etc. Isolate myself from the world?

A: There is not much to do.

Cholinergic urticaria.

I wish this type of allergy on no one! Above super rare and temporary.

Cholinergic urticaria. rare skin allergy
Cholinergic urticaria. rare skin allergy

Personally, it happens to me when my body temperature is very high, or I do some “unusual” training, and it leaves me with muscle pain and then it reacts like that.

This happens to my son when he had contact with the saliva of dogs and cats, that is, when these animals lick him, until I bought him a newborn dog and they both became immunized.

Answer: Novo Allergiol is the remedy that I take in case it works for you when it comes out.

Allergies and anti-allergy. Why should allergy sufferers change the drug?

For the healthcare professional and medical students: Antihistamines do not block histamine, they act as inverse agonists at histamine receptors. Above all, this explains the phenomenon of pharmacological tolerance, for which the patient must change the drug every time.

Allergies to shrimp and other foods

how do allergy medications work

Query, if, for example. I have an allergy to shrimp, and before I eat them I take an anti-allergy, is the allergy avoided? Or would he still have a reaction? Or would it already be mild? For example. How does such a case work?

Answer: Premedication is useful, however, only the allergist, evaluating each particular case, is undoubtedly the one who can recommend what actions to take.

Are allergies cured or just controlled?

Doctor, a question. Are allergies cured or just controlled? In other words, if I have an allergy to shellfish, there is a chance that at some point in my life I will be able to eat it with ease. In conclusion, or I only have to avoid them.

A: Allergies are a heritable phenomenon, you can change the behavior of the “allergic march” over time. Above all, the treatment options today are multiple.

Can you take an anti-allergy for life?

Doctor. Is there a problem if we take it for life. For example, if I don’t take 1 cetirizine at least every 2 days, I get hives. I don’t know the origin of my allergy.

A: Performing a skin test test. Go see an allergist. Most importantly, determine the cause of your allergies and thus avoid exposing yourself to the causative agent.

You can take an allergy test. On the other hand, it is advisable to rotate the antihistamines that you use, so as not to generate tolerance to them.

Antiallergics and their effects on the liver

Being completely ignorant on the matter. Is it true that desloratadine, because it is of the latest generation, does not affect the liver? Whereas, unlike older generations like chlorotrimetron or benadryl?

A: Desloratadine, being the active metabolite of loratadine, prevents metabolization in the liver, in other words, so it’s partly true.

Now I understand why, while my liver was inflamed, they switched me to desloratadine.

Mix antiallergic with retinoid.

And when is it mixed with a retinoid? Does it enhance it?

A: They can cause photosensitivity in the skin, that is, cause damaging effects from light.

Is it normal for a person to sneeze up to 15 continuous times?

A: Yes

Loratadine vs Desloratadine

Allergies and anti-allergy
Allergies and anti-allergy

Doctor, explain. Why is loratadine for allergies and desloratadine too, if at least I would think that it is its antonym?

Both are for allergies, however, the difference is that desloratadine is an active metabolite of loratadine, that is, it does not have to go through the metabolism process to have an effect in the body, the effect is ‘faster’ ‘ than that of loratadine.

Friend, Desloratadine is the anti-allergy (loratadine), in other words, without the drowsy effect that loratadine generates. That is to say, it does not sleep you.

Montelukast side effects.

I would like to know if Montelukast has serious side effects or what effects its prolonged use can cause? Because it changed my life.

Answer: The FDA recently reported depressive symptoms in young adults and adolescents.

Why has your life changed? Could you please explain… Thank you!

I have had rhinitis since I was a child, my nose itches/burns all the time. To clarify, I have managed it with loratadine, cetirizine and desloratadine. But when they gave me montelukast I almost didn’t have to blow my nose again, in other words, zero sneezing, they stopped stinging my nose, eyes and ears. No hassle.

A: As a side effect, the affectation to mental health, depression, behavioral problems.

Now that it has been pointed out, perhaps it is related to the way I have been feeling for a few months, I should consult.

What is the difference between loratadine and desloratadine?

Loratadine vs Desloratadine
Loratadine vs Desloratadine

Basically it is the chemical composition. Firstly, Loratadine is a second generation drug and secondly, Desloratadine is a third generation (newer) drug, derived from Loratadine. In conclusion, the change in the chemical composition gives it greater potency and fewer side effects to it.

Chemically “Des” means “separated from” The active ingredient of loratadine is desloratadine. Above all, the difference is that loratadine comes with an “extra” chemical group. Subsequently, over the years, it was possible to purely synthesize the active ingredient “only” which is desloratadine.

Desloratadine is a metabolite of loratadine, they basically already did in the lab what your body should do. As a result, this medicine saves time and works faster.

Chronic allergies.

My daughter is allergic to dust, mites, cold, the environment, and all kinds of itchy reactions to her eyes, nose, or skin. Allergic cough. Most importantly, I have been told that she take her to an allergist and others to a pulmonologist. She, well, she goes through with a stuffy nose due to her problem with allergies.

A: I would recommend an allergist and an immunology specialist, a lot has to do with the type of food, the environment, the emotions.

Questions and comments. For other items. Allergies and anti-allergy

Can allergic rhinitis be cured or is it simply treatable? I have read something about immunotherapy in some places it says that it is a curative treatment for chronic allergic rhinitis, can you tell us more about that, I know that like me many people will appreciate it.

I went through loratadine, clofeniramide, desloratadine and I’ve reached the point where even cetirizine isn’t working for me… I don’t want to use Montelukast because of its long-term side effects on the brain.

chronic allergies loratadine
chronic allergies loratadine

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